Mobile Phones

Free billing analysis

Are you aware you may be overspending on your telecommunications bill? axxis offers a service where we provide a FREE analysis of your monthly phone bills to see where you can lower your monthly cost.

Once we have completed the free analysis, we will take you through each of your services and show you where you can make changes to your account. Most of the time, we are able to provide you more usage for less. If you decide to stay where you are, you will at least have a clear picture of what you are paying and where you can cut your monthly cost when you are ready to do so.

Mobile Plans for Business

Our team is here to help your business make the right choice when upgrading phones for your business or choosing a new phone for a team member. We are the experts in helping you manage your data and ensuring that you have the most cost effective plan for your business. 

Call the team today on 6884 6880 for all your Business Mobile needs

Personal Mobile Plans

Telstra has a wide variety of plans to suit your needs. Our expert team will listen to what your needs are and then recommend the appropriate plan for you.

Browse the variety available below and then come in and discuss with our team before you make your final choice.

Sim Only Plans

Are you a data hungry user? Then we can help you find the data plan to suit. No excess data charges, no lock in contracts and unlimited standard national calls and sms. 

Mobiles on a Plan

If you are looking for the latest phone device, then we have the right mobile plan for you! We have all the phones, Apple, Samsung, Google and Nokia.

Pre-Paid Plans

Our team can help you make the most of your pre-paid plan. From helping set up your account, monitor data usage to helping you top up data if you need to.

Outright Devices

Looking to buy a device outright? We have a comprehensive range of phones for you to choose from. Just pop in store to select your next mobile phone. 

Speak to our friendly team today when thinking about your next phone!

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