Internet with NBN


The National Broadband Network (NBN) is a Communications Network constructed nationally to connect more Australians with a faster and more reliable connection through the use of both Fixed and Wireless Networks.

Why choose axxis for your Telstra Broadband?

At axxis, we cut through the tech jargon and help you choose the right plan for your circumstances. We recommend Telstra for your NBN for the following reasons:

Speed. Range. Reliability

Your Telstra NBN broadband network is backed by Australia’s best mobile network.
In the event of an outage, your Telstra Smart Modem will automatically switch to a built-in Mobile SIM card to keep you online. 

Changing plans is easy!

No lock in contracts! However, your friendly team at axxis will help you choose the right package from the start.

Superfast streaming!

Stream your favourite binge worthy TV on Netflix, Stan, Amazon Prime or Binge with no glitching.


What's included in your Broadband Pack?

Telstra Smart Modem

Experience better Wi-Fi with Telstra Smart Modems.

Home Phone Service

All Telstra NBN plans come with a home phone service included.

Broadband Protect

We can help you with parental controls, social network protection & device protection. 


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