The National Broadband Network (NBN) is a Communications Network being constructed nationally to connect more Australians with a faster and more reliable connection through the use of both Fixed and Wireless Networks.

The NBN will be delivered via 3 services

  • Fiber- a system in which fiber will be connected directly to the house (or node), providing fast and efficient Internet.
  • Fixed wireless- Fiber will run to a tower near your premises and will broadcast to a satellite receiver installed on your premises.
  • Satellite- a technology delivering the benefits of the NBN to rural areas across mainland Australia and Tasmania, as well as many of Australia’s islands including Lord Howe Island, Norfolk Island, Cocos Island, Macquarie and Christmas Island

The NBN has the potential to expand areas such as Health and Education with greater communication through video conferencing and faster data transfer. The NBN will also benefit personal entertainment and personal communication, with more people having access to video calls over Skype and communication methods delivered via the Internet. i.e. Facebook, Twitter and Emails.

The NBN has already reached Dubbo and surrounding areas. Many customers are already taking advantage of services available receiving their services through the National Broadband Network.

Here at axxis we can enquire as to whether an NBN connection is available to you in store. We can order NBN services to be delivered and installed at your premises and provide support during the process.

This Map shows availability of areas in and around Dubbo currently serviceable by the NBN.