1. How can I increase my battery life?


    There are a few settings you can change to increase battery life.

    1. Turn screen brightness down.

    2. Turn Bluetooth off.

    3. Disable automatic updates.

    For some phones you can purchase a case that has an external battery built in. If your phones goes flat while you’re out, just turn the case on and it will recharge your phone!

    2. How can I increase storage on my mobile?


    Some phones can take an external memory card ranging from 2GB to 32GB. If unable to insert a memory card there are cloud based solutions like iCloud and Dropbox. If using a cloud based option it’s a good idea to make sure you have enough data included on your plan. You can always add additional data is needed.

    3. How can I maximise coverage on my mobile?


    There are a range of accessories available to increase coverage. Some phones can take a patch lead to directly connect them to an external antenna. Others have cradles available that not only increase coverage when connected to an antenna, but can also charge your phone while you’re driving.

    4. How many songs, phones and videos can my 16GB phone hold?


    16GB of memory can hold approximately 2750 songs OR 5000 Photos OR 250 Apps. For example, you could have 1000 songs, 1250 photos and 75 apps all stored on your mobile.

    5. I’m with a different carrier at the moment, can I change to Telstra and bring my number with me?



    6. What can I do with 1GB of data?

    Click here to find out by using Telstra's data usage calculator

    7. What do I need to do to sign up to a plan?


    To connect a mobile on a plan you will need to provide 100points of identification. This can include a Drivers License and a Medicare card. If you don’t have these two forms there are other options available. A credit check will then be completed. If successful, you can sign up to a new phone on the spot.

    8. What is a Blue Tick?


    When a mobile has the ‘blue tick’ it indicates that after extensive testing it has been proven to work better in rural areas. It’s important to remember that every area is different and the blue tick does not guarantee service.

    9. Why can’t I send or receive photos on my mobile?


    To be able to send and receive photos you need access to the internet. Check if internet is enabled by going to settings > mobile data/networks > data ON. Once data is turned on, send a photo to 176. You will then receive a photo back from Telstra confirming picture messaging is now active.